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Current Contest Entries

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Winners from our previous contest which ended on April 30th, 2014.
Click on any photograph for a larger view.

Morning on Two Inlets Lake
"Morning on Two Inlets Lake"
by Jennifer Bateman
Positively Park Rapids!
"Positively Park Rapids!"
by Holly Firehammer
Friendly Visitor
"Friendly Visitor"
by Christine Rausch

Below are the entries for our current photo contest.

Photo Contest Sponsored by Max Bailey Photography
Photo Contest Sponsored by Max Bailey Photography

The current contest period is May 1st, 2014 - November 30th, 2014.

Photographs are entered into one of three categories.

Prizes will be awarded to the contest winner in each category!

  • Park Rapids Area Lake Scenes
  • Park Rapids Main Street Scene
  • Park Rapids Area Recreation & Wildlife

Click on any photograph for a larger view.

Photographs are displayed in chronological order based on their entry date.

Morning on the Lake
"Morning on the Lake"
by Sarah Peloquin
Towering cumulonimbus
"Towering cumulonimbus"
by Justin Sliva
Sunset Over Lower Bottle Lake
"Sunset Over Lower Bottle Lake"
by Gregory Kosmacek
Star Spangled Night
"Star Spangled Night"
by Susanne Meredith
Sunset over Gilmore Lake
"Sunset over Gilmore Lake"
by Monica Freeman
End of the Day
"End of the Day"
by Beth Waller
by Bonnie Kelly
New Bridge Reflections
"New Bridge Reflections"
by Sue Tomte
Autumn on the Fish Hook River
"Autumn on the Fish Hook River"
by Alan Zemek
Sunset at Dakota Beach
"Sunset at Dakota Beach"
by Barb Kersting
Meandering Stream
"Meandering Stream"
by Treana Fietek
Glenn's Sunset Serenade
"Glenn's Sunset Serenade"
by Cherie Lundberg
Beautiful Blueberry Lake Sunset
"Beautiful Blueberry Lake Sunset"
by Fina Koch
That Was Then, This Is Now
"That Was Then, This Is Now"
by Nola Fossey
Morning Glow
"Morning Glow"
by Craig Meredith
Foggy Fall morning
"Foggy Fall morning"
Chilly Sunrise
"Chilly Sunrise"
by Amanda Klitzke
History Lives On
"History Lives On"
by Susanne Meredith
"V.I.P. "
by Cherie Lundberg
Ace on 34
"Ace on 34"
by Sandra Henk
somewhere under the rainbow
"somewhere under the rainbow"
by Steve Frank
Enjoying a MinneSoda Fountain Treat
"Enjoying a MinneSoda Fountain Treat"
by Fina Koch
A Mother's Love
"A Mother's Love"
by Sarah Peloquin
Preening Loon
"Preening Loon"
by Judy Ballard
Highwater Headwaters
"Highwater Headwaters"
by Ken Henk
Fishing by Rainbow
"Fishing by Rainbow"
by Susanne Meredith
Loon on Gilmore Lake
"Loon on Gilmore Lake"
by Monica Freeman
Curious Doe
"Curious Doe"
by Bonnie Kelly
Morning walk
"Morning walk"
by Dick Espeland
Backyard Fun in Park Rapids
"Backyard Fun in Park Rapids"
by Jean Kurkowski
Nice Day at the Park
"Nice Day at the Park"
by Treana Fietek
The Walleye Wait
"The Walleye Wait"
by Cherie Lundberg
Swan Parade
"Swan Parade"
by Jennifer Bateman
by Fina Koch
summertime concert on the lake
"summertime concert on the lake"
A bee can never resist a flower in bloom
"A bee can never resist a flower in bloom"
by Amanda Klitzke

Our photo contest is sponsored by:


Max Bailey Photography

Max Bailey Photography
309 Main Avenue South
Park Rapids, MN 56470
(218) 732-7979