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Comments from Our Webcam Viewers

Below are comments received from our website visitors.


This is a comment about your downtown webcam that I discovered on line today. My sister and her husband just bought a lake home recently around Park Rapids. They were in the downtown area of Park Rapids today. I texted my sis about the webcam and they saw the camera on the corner, so her and her husband were able to wave to me. I am in California, so that was a thrill for me. Wow fabulous webcam. I can't wait to visit them. Your town looks just lovely. I used to live in Fergus Falls and Pelican Rapids and Fargo. I moved to California 25 years ago and now I am planning on coming back to that area as soon as the weather clears. So I will be visiting your town in the summer. -- Cynthia J., Santa Rosa, CA


I just wanted to say thank you for hosting the local webcams. I grew up in Park Rapids and miss the area. The webcams let me see some of what I am missing. -- Aaron P., Class of '90, Moore, OK


I absolutely LOVE Park Rapids and the webcam! It is my "fix" to missing our cabin on Belle Taine! -- George B., Norman, OK


I have been watching your webcams daily for many years. -- Marnie S., Madrid, IA


Tuned in to see the tree--hope the wind doesn't blow it down. Never know what MN weather will bring. Will probably wake up to the white stuff. -- Bette D., Ponsford, MN


Watching the Park Rapids Christmas tree activity at Delta Operations Control Center in Atlanta. Park Rapids has quite a following here. -- Sandy B.


I look at it every day. I went to high school there; lived there till 1958. -- John S., Mesa, AZ


Just noticed that there is now a completely live feed on the Main Street webcam...WE LOVE IT!!! Thanks for keeping all the cameras available. Looking forward to a visit next summer!!! -- Michelle D., Bella Vista, AR


We do love the webcam and keep it up all the time! -- Erin S., Minnetonka, MN


Having relatives there, I enjoy seeing what the weather looks like up north for them. That view of Park Rapids is excellent. -- Roy, Oak Lawn, IL


I have a cabin by Park Rapids and it is my favorite town so when I am away I have the cam on all day. Thank you.  -- P. Brown, Oak Grove, MN


Some of my fondest memories took place in Park Rapids in the 60s. I've returned once in the past 20 years. I daily look at the webcams. -- Bob Q., Peru, IL


We watch the webcams year round. -- Tom B., St. Louis, MO


I do enjoy looking at Main St. in the mornings! -- Margaret K., Park Rapids


Thanks SO much for refocusing the downtown webcam to show various Main Street events. The only thing missing was the sound. The 4th of July parade was fun to watch, too. I just wanted to let you know that people out there are REALLY enjoying having the webcam active. Thank You!!! -- Marsha, Park Rapids


We love all the views of each of the cameras … this one is near our home and it’s fun to watch the seasonal changes. -- Rosanne V., Auburn, CA


Have a great day up in lake country!!! Wish I was there! -- Cindy S. New Hope, MN


I was watching the Itasca web cam since 7:23 AM. An Eagle flew into the river side and made a catch of something. It has tried many times to fly away but the catch is too big or the bird is too wet so it made it to the shore and is eating it. Still trying to fly away. If
anyone is there tune into it as it is interesting. Love this website. -- Shirley H., Waconia, MN


We were in your area a couple years ago for a military reunion in New York Mills.
Really enjoyed your town. Nice people. Great food at the German restaurant. I like to check the downtown webcam periodically. -- Dean, Tonawanda, NY


Thank you so much for keeping the webcams up and running! My mom has been coming to the Park Rapids area since she was 13 and she will turn 74 this year. She has the webcam page as her homepage on her tablet and checks it every single day. Greetings from Missouri! -- Gayle L., Mokane, MO


Our family visits this site almost daily during the winter and early spring months to see the web cam weather and Park Rapids news. -- Joani H., Sioux City, IA


My folks had "Bellerud's Shoes" store just across the street from your camera in about 1946 to 1955. I was born in PR in '48. While I can't claim to remember much about the city from the forties and early fifties, I've been back a number of times and have a soft spot for the town. The webcam feed is on my desktop and I often hit that button just to see how things are going. Gives me some real comfort at times. Thank you. It is appreciated. -- Hal Bellerud, Olympia, WA


Sure glad you have the webcam up-and-running. I actually get to see short glimpses of  the parade while working here in Atlanta today… (Sure depressing being in the Land of Cotton when I should be in the pines this 4th...) Guess I shouldn't whine too much. I was just up there enjoying Itasca State Park and Foxy's the last few days. -- Sandy B., Hapeville, GA


My wife and I have been enjoying Evergreen Lodge on Big Sand lake for 25 or so years and were very pleased when all the web cams were installed. Tonight, 4/20/16, is just beautiful looking out over the lake. Looking forward to seeing Dan get the docks out. Know then that I am just a week or so away from heading up to Evergreen for some walleye fishing. Beautiful area! -- Jim, Germantown, TN


A word of thanks and encouragement; Nice site and awesome cams (the self-refresh is the best man; cams seem to be high quality & always up too...)! Been through Park Rapids several times myself en route from (here-/) I-94 to [Bemidji / Grand Rapids] and / or Loman (-20 mi w. of I-Falls). Nice Christmas tree too and best part is your Star! -- Doug S., Billings, MT


We here at the Delta OCC are looking forward to the camera turning toward the annual Christmas tree lighting. Wish my wife and I could be up there for it. Have made it the last two years but will have to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in Georgia this year... Enjoyed the Park Theater and the popcorn the other day. Not used to Pepsi products
as I think Georgia only serves Coca Cola. It was a pleasant change. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. -- Sandy B., Hapeville, GA


Just food for thought: A webcam of the transfer station's "back lot" - especially the metal
refuse hill - would be of viewing pleasure to many a "junk opportunist". I know it's illegal to salvage, but not illegal to gawk... It's like a cruiser's webcam view of the Port of Canaveral. The American Pickers show would probably lose some viewership. Sandy B., Hapeville, GA


At Christmas you have a tree. Is it possible to buy a light(s) in memory of someone like our Hospice does here? We so enjoy watching everything that goes on in town on the webcam. Thank you. -- Norma A., Acampo, CA


Enjoy checking out the webcams and watching people at the Headwaters. Plan on being up there in a couple weeks so its nice to see the lakes and what’s going on. -- Rich, Nevada, IA


I was in your city today. Ate at The Royal Bar...fabulous! Your streets & storefronts are gorgeously lined with floral arrangements! I am wondering what entity is responsible for these, parks, etc. I live in Fargo, ND. Is this a project funded by the city?
I want to commend you for creating such a pleasant town! -- Rebecca K.


Unfortunately....I am not a fan of the new position of the downtown webcam. I enjoy being able to see up the street. (After a reply) Yea! You guys are AWESOME! We LOVE our Park Rapids webcams! -- George B., Norman, OK


Can you please point the downtown camera more north to be able to see more of the town? It was pointed better last week. I was able to pick up some of Highway 34. Also, which direction is the Long Lake camera pointing? Thank you. -- Mark E., St. John, IN


The headwaters of the MISSISSIPPI cam is down. When can I expect it to be up and running again. My brother & his family will be there July 16, 2015. THANKS!! -- Debbie S., Wahoo, NE


We liked the previous view down main street, better than the current one. We look at it almost everyday. Park Rapids is my husband’s birth place and he is 87 years young. His dad and grandfather built Douglas Lodge, so we also look at the headwaters everyday and visit as often as we can. Hope the camera just got knocked out of alignment. Thanks. -- Jari, California


The Long Lake webcam is out. A group of us are using it to determine
Ice out :) -- Tom. (The webcam was back before the ice went out.)


Thank you for the link to the Headwaters! My husband's family is from Dawson, MN (down near Montevideo) so I have visited your wonderful state. We have visited Park Rapids twice and each time I have felt right at home. I live an hour from New Orleans so having grown up loving the Mississippi River, the Headwaters is a spiritual place! Love looking at it during the day off and on! So thank you very much! -- Lauren O., Gulfport, MS


I love watching the webcams in the Park Rapids area. We have a lake
home on Belle Taine. How can we add a web cam there? -- Lee H., Ankeny, IA


We live on Portage Lake and travel in our RV during the winter. Our 3 daughters all live in the south so we go visit them and grandkids. Enjoy watching the webcams from up there. Not much snow this year and temps haven't been too bad. We just had our first delivery of fuel oil since September so not complaining! Stay warm everyone and see you during the fishing opener. We are in Phoenix today and it is 76 degrees. -- Geff and June Cooper


The "moving of the camera" is Park Rapids "Ground Hog" day in my eyes. (Posted Jan. 12) -- Sandy B.


Have been watching your webcams for some time as my Dad lives in PR. It has been interesting looking at the tree and other activities on Main Street. The two at the lakes have been fun with boats, people, ducks, etc. Adding the Itasca Park one is really interesting. However, the Red Bridge (which does not look red since the new bridge was
installed) webcam lacks excitement. -- Pat, Arlington Heights, IL


So pretty to see the tree downtown and on Big Sand. Makes Christmas just a bit better.
Merry Christmas to all of you. -- The Price Family, Altoona, IA


It is 5:30 on Sunday night, 12-7. Something is wrong with the Park Rapids webcam. It is blurry & you can't see anything. (Responded the day’s ice and snow likely clouded the lens. Hopefully, it will melt tomorrow when the sun comes out.) I hope the sun provides the solution. A lot of people enjoy the camera, for sure. -- Connie D., Nevis, MN


The camera rotation is a welcomed sign - it's like the swallow return to San Juan Capistrano. We at the Delta Air Line OCC in Atlanta are thrilled. -- Sandy B.


Our family spent 25 summers at the Holiday House cabin on Hinds Lake. Enjoy your webcam but not the snow today. Miss Fullers Tackle shop, Fick Drugstore and Dahl's Bakery. -- Rick W., Cedar Rapids, IA


I love the PR webcam!!! My siblings and I view it often. We all grew up in Park Rapids, but no longer have any family living there. Never the less, my husband and I spend time in Park Rapids every summer. Thank you so much for continuing to support the live webcam. -- Chuck and Lois P., Mendota Heights, MN


First started enjoying the webcams last winter and love the opportunity to enjoy "home" from Phoenix, AZ! Miss the seasons so much and LOVE that I can see the winter and fall! -- Pam B., Peoria, AZ


I just wanted to say how much we enjoy your webcams. We only live 2 hours north in TRF but have a year round cabin north of PR. It's so nice to be able to check the weather with a real live view before heading down for the weekend. PR & the surrounding area is a wonderful place and I'm so grateful we get to spend so much time
there. Thanks for adding a little taste of our "cabin life" to each and every day!! -- Paula C., Thief River Falls, MN


Thanks so much for adding the Headwaters cam to your system. We talk about the Mississippi River so many times when we are looking at our state map (Iowa) and discussing river transportation, etc. I have always used post cards and personal photos to share the scene of the beginning of the Mighty Mississippi but now my students can enjoy the web cam and some live action. -- Deb Price, Clay Elementary, Altoona, IA


Love, love, love the fact that I can view my most favorite place on earth with just a simple click. Thank you so much for providing this cam. I look at it daily! -- Bonnie K., Montrose, MN


We vacation every summer at McArdles Resort on Lake Winnie and drive through your beautiful town and have stopped various times for groceries, meals and gas. Our vacation this year was in mid-July and as we drove through Park Rapids I was so impressed with the lovely hanging baskets through town as well as the wall of flowers at Ace Hardware… Please share with whoever is in charge of watering all of those baskets what a great job they are doing because they were stunning....and I'm well aware what a job that must be!! Blessings. -- Peg W., Hooper, NE


I'm watching down town PR car show on line. What a great event. Just saw my brother-in-law Jim. He has a car in the show. I have attended car shows there in the past. -- Marian, Marysville, WA


Love the webcams. My parents have a cabin on Potato Lake with a great view. Any chance of adding more webcams? Thanks. -- Darran H., Omaha


I LOVE your webcams and was excited to see the Mississippi Headwaters one added to the list… I dearly love your webcams so I can look in on my favorite part of Minnesota!  Thank you so much for having them!! -- Libby J., Brooklyn Park


Thanks for the great view of the Headwaters! -- Randall H., Madison, WI


(The webcam at the Mississippi Headwaters in Itasca State Park was added to our website July 11, 2014)


We've been on Belle Taine for 42 years but live out of state. I look at your webcams every day we're not there. Thank you for the service. -- Jeff Parowan, Utah


We have a place on Lake Belle Taine. I enjoy checking out the scene in PR, almost daily. Enjoy checking on the weather and doing a "car count" on Main Street. I speculate about why a low or high count. Cold, snow? Fun and informative. -- Donovan J., Minneapolis


Enjoy your webcam. This will be our 42nd year at Bottle Lake. Enjoy crazy days and visiting our favorite restaurants. Like the New Mexican restaurant. -- Bill B.


I just wanted to thank you for hosting the WebCams! My family has been on Pickerel (just down Hwy 4 from Evergreen) since 1964. It’s so great to have a small window on the PR area to whet my appetite until I can return in the summers from the "left coast".  If we could get Emmaville Store to add a webcam, it would be even better! -- Paully, Washington


It's great to see the addition of the comments from viewers of the webcams. Glad to know that someone besides me enjoys a moment away from my crazy day to 'pretend' I'm at the lake or in town. -- Deb P., Des Moines


I was blessed immensely, by marrying a man whose family has had a place on Lake Belle Taine for many years. We both check out the webcams every morning; it is such a thrill. Starting January, we start looking forward to our summer vacation. By the time May gets here, we talk about the cabin, Park Rapids, ANYTHING, Minnesota related, 24/7!! The week prior to our leaving, we are like two five year olds awaiting Santa Claus. That's how much we love it. I always say coming to Minn. refuels our mind, body and soul. One of these days we are going to come in the fall and the winter, just to see Lake Belle Taine. We praise God daily, for the spectacular beauty, and the majestic serenity, he has blessed us with to enjoy. It's almost time, for us to start our trip north, The Lord willing. Thank you all for sharing your beautiful state with us. -- Susan B., Norman, OK


Nice to see "spring-has-sprung" in Park Rapids. Also, many of my coworkers at the Delta Air Line OCC here at William B. Hartsfield International enjoy the fact that the webcam has again turned north. -- Sandy B., GA


(After a storm when the lens was covered with ice and snow)

Just wanted to let you know that the webcam in downtown is out of focus. I didn't know if could possibly be snow attached to the lens or not. All the other webcams look good. PS. Just wanted to tell you, I really enjoyed watching the crews put the Red Bridge back into place on the webcam a few days ago. -- Cindy S., New Hope


Thanks for fixing the webcam, I check it every day. I stop for groceries every year on my way to Island Lake for our annual fishing trip. Nice town and beautiful lake. We really enjoy it and the webcam. How a southerner ever got to Mn is a long story. -- Leon D., Waycross, GA


What a gorgeous sunrise over Big Sand this morning! Sorry to see more snow & 1 deg temp. It's gotta warm up sometime halfway soon! We were 75 yesterday & this am it's 30 with snow on the ground. But tomorrow 58. Crazy winter! Have a great day! -- Jan


You have some good city crews...see them this morn cleaning the snow off the streets!Glad you've had some warmer days! January is rolling along... Have a good day!  :) -- Jan


We also have a home near Park Rapids. Though we can't make it there in winter very often, I really enjoy checking in on your downtown webcam. It's a great warming view.


I love the webcams...thank you so much for having them. We vacation here in the summer and enjoy keeping up with the town during these other times of the year.


I have been coming to Park Rapids since 1976 because my wife grew up there. I look at the web cams you have in various places around Park Rapids and enjoy them a lot. Thanks for that. -- James N.


My family and I have had a cabin on Belle Taine since the 50's and LOVE it up there! I regularly go to the PR webcam to dream about being "at the cabin" and often drool! -- George, Norman, OK


three of your four webcams are stuck about 5:30am - 5:45am... big sand is the only one that refreshes… just wanted to drop you a note and let you know.. my brother and I are transplants to kansas city area and we daily get on the website to look over the cams... helps the work day go a bit better to see the great white north whenever you can.  thanks and keep the cams working... we love them. -- Greg’s brother, Jeff


Wondering if there was a power spike in the area early this morning? Three of the four web-cams seem to be offline as of 05.20-05.45 this morning...just showing the dark of pre-dawn pictures. Also the feed for KDKK (streaming feed) is offline, so making me worried about y'all! My brother and I have a parcel of land over in the Blind Lake Township (roughly 30 miles east of PR) and enjoy checking in from the Kansas City area. -- Greg, Lees Summit, MO


Thank you for providing the live webcam of downtown PR. Visiting downtown PR has a been part of my families' frequent summer trips to the PR area for about the last 30 years. And now, checking the PR webcam has become part of my morning routine, along with streaming the KDKK radio station. -- Glen


Thank you for the 4 webcams of the Park Rapids area! My family has been visiting Lake Belle Taine for almost 40 years. We make the commute to Minnesota annually, so these webcams are a neat way to stay connected to our favorite vacation hotspot. (We stay at Beauty Bay Lodge Resort). … My favorite cam is on Big Sand Lake (the sunrise is AWESOME) -- Jon, Indiana


As a former resident of Park Rapids, (who still visits many times per year), with family having lived there, and still living there, for decades, I love checking in each day, via this webcam. I'm so glad it's there! Have a great rest of the summer, and thanks!!! -- Laura, Nebraska


I want to thank you for the opportunity to watch the goings on on Big Sand Lake, Long Lake and downtown Park Rapids! (Wished the Long Lake one was a little clearer....but!)... my parents had a cabin on Long Lake for over 30 years... they are both recently deceased & we had to sell their cabin... I am stationed in Aghanistan and continually check the webcams... (I even watched the 4th of July (my birthday) boat parades) my heart still belongs in Park Rapids. I can watch the sun rise over Big Sand... I see the waves wash up on the shore (wished I could hear it!). I am hoping to find a cabin to rent on Long Lake next Summer over the 4th once I return home. I would love for my 3
little grandsons to experience the peace, solitude and fun the area offered me when I was a child! THANK YOU! -- Marnie


LOVE the downtown Park Rapids webcam! All my childhood vacations were spent at Walter's Resort on Lake Ida. We have brought our children up to stay at various resorts in the area over the years! Love looking at the webcam....brings back GREAT memories!! This year my son, his wife & their 2 year old came stay at Walter's Resort during one of the weeks my parents were up their. Today (July 6th) marks my parents’ 50th anniversary. My grandparents started coming to the Park Rapids area when my mom was in high school and continued to come until my grandpa died in 1989. 2013 marks the year that my grandpa's great-great grandson had the pleasure to be a 5th generation Minnesota fisherman!! Thank you!! -- Deb S. Nebraska


Miss the sunrise over Big Sand Lake on your webcam site. It is a true classic very much like the PR downtown webcam. Keep up the great work. Your long time fans, Mike and Nancy G., Nevis, MN


We live north of Perham and get to Park Rapids about once per month for dinner, shopping and to feel like a tourist for a couple of hours. A great get away not very far from home but a relaxing break from our farm work and daily routine.


It was just a few weeks ago that I snapped a screenshot of the HUGE piles of snow on Main from the webcam and sent it around. I watched them clear Main Street that night and was mesmerized on how they attacked it. … Just for a laugh, my best friend who visited us at our cottage a few years back told me that he couldn't figure out why the center cars weren't moving when he was watching the webcam. Cars continually passed them up on their right. Then he finally remembered about the unusual center parking. He also gets a kick that the webcam features the MinneSoda sign as that's his favorite memory from his visit. … My family has been coming to the area every summer since 1948 and bought the Lady Slipper resort on Mantrap. -- Dennis U., Illinois


I and many of my friends and relatives who own seasonal property in the Park Rapids area sure enjoy tuning in to your webcams. This is the first time we've been able to experience life in Park Rapids during the winter months. -- Dennis, Illinois


I look at the webcam at least once a day and wish summer would get here soon. We have a seasonal spot at Sleeping Fawn and can't spend enough time in the Park Rapids area. I met Joe Scharber after the Fargo Dome show Saturday night for a beer.


glad to see you are back online.............really missed it!!! -- Timothy, Iowa


Snow? Oh ya, that white stuff the Northern State get in the winter. We check it most every day. Thanks. -- Arnie and Linda


This webcam is my connection with my summer vacation. Thanks for getting it back in working order.


Now that's a web cam..... I love to look at all the web cams from around town, and I'm so happy that PR has them. What a great way for all the out of towners to stay up to date with God’s country. Thanks again for getting it fixed.


You moved the camera so now I can't see my friend's vehicles parked in front of the bar, while we're in Alabama for the winter:) Just kidding. Thanks for bringing the main street camera back, we missed it.


great job on the web site.miss the web cam on main look forward to getting it back on line. have a cabin up there on second crow wing since 1958. spend more time up there than I do in the cities. PR has been a fun place to be for me and my kids they remember the old days of Aqua park and deer town. the old go cart track was always fun and the old drive in movie was tradition. the old days of looking in fullers tackle shop at the big fish and then getting a fresh donut at the bakery. most are gone now but the logging camp is still there. any way just remembering the old days as you keep us current on the website with the current PR. -- John B., Excelsior


I live in Phoenix in the winter and watch the webcam whenever I get homesick.


Hi! I'm a long time viewer of the downtown Park Rapids webcam (also of Big Sand and now the Red Bridge) and LOVE them! I was wondering if the downtown webcam will be up again? I sure miss checking in every night! -- Libby J., Brooklyn Park


My grandfather found a spot on Little Mantrap after World War I. He was a field  surgeon, and only God can know what was going through his head at that point. He wanted a place where he could be free from the world's troubles. I'm 51 now, but always got to spend a month each summer at the lake. I was a naval officer and really did get  to see the world, but nothing makes me happier than the lake. I smile every morning when I click on your camera view of town, and I miss it.


Being a retiree and sitting in sunny Florida it is really nice to be able to view the webcam downtown. We were able to view the tree lighting and relatives that were present at it this year which was enjoyable. It is nice to be able to view the weather at home.


I will continue to visit the webcam, because I can't get to Park Rapids as much as I would like to and it is almost like being there.


It's nice to see the camera turned back north...this from an individual that is stuck in the south (Georgia). The Park Rapids webcam is our "moral compass."