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Peepers Meadow Webcam

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Webcam overlooking a "sedge meadow" in Nevis Township, MN

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A sedge meadow is a a lowland comprised primarily of various types of sedge grasses that commonly grow in clumps. These meadows tend to be flooded in the spring and muddy to dry by mid to late summer. The camera faces northwest.


The camera has audio capability, and you'll hear frogs and birds, along with occasional thunder as storms roll through. (Click the speaker icon on the lower right part of the image to enable audio.) You will see flying insects, including fireflies (lightning bugs) on hot summer nights. If you know that storms are in the area, be sure to watch for lightning in the western sky.

Peepers Meadow Webcam


The webcam at "Peepers Meadow" is operated by a private individual. If you are having problems viewing this webcam, make sure that you have the most current version of your internet browser. You can also try viewing the webcam directly from the AngelCam website.


The Park Rapids Downtown Business Association does not operate this webcam and we cannot provide support if your browser or device fails to display it properly.