Nemeth Art Center Exhibits: Brad Kahlhamer and Waverly Bergwin

July 01, 2023 - October 01, 2023

New York and Arizona-based artist Brad Kahlhamer will show in the Courtroom gallery July 1 through October 1. A multimedia artist who has shown extensively in galleries and museums, both nationally and internationally, Kahlhamer works in a range of media including sculpture, drawing, painting, performance and music to explore what he refers to as the “third place” – a meeting point of two opposing personal histories. Reimagining a subjective vocabulary through a neo-expressionist lens, his work references hallmarks of 20th-century abstract painting, such as German Expressionism, while incorporating highly personal iconography. Drawing on his tripartite identity, Kahlhamer’s work navigates his Native American heritage, adoptive German-American family, and adult life in New York City’s Lower East Side.

Waverly Bergwin’s intricate wire pieces will be shown in the Chambers galleries July through October 1. Waverly Bergwin is a non-binary sculptor and writer who uses wire and organic plant matter to create legendary artifacts from other worlds. They have a deep interest in fairytales and fantasy stories, where they find the essence of the human will and the desire to escape the mundane. Based in New York City, Waverly received their BFA from Pace University, and has worked as assistant and apprentice to Brad Kahlhamer since 2014.