Park Theater’s 85th Anniversary Fundraiser: Gone with the Wind

June 26, 2024

Park Theater is celebrating its 85th anniversary with a series of free screenings of classic films from 1939 and 1985. The first show will be Gone with the Wind at noon Wednesday, June 26 with an intermission at 2 p.m. The classic from 1939, starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, is an epic historical romance film set in the American South agains the backdrop of the Civil War based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell. Gone with the Wind received 10 Academy Awards. In lieu of purchasing a ticket, movie-goers are asked to donate $85, $850, $8,500 or any amount at to be put toward lobby restoration, new ground-floor restrooms and some exciting new expansions. You can also support the theater by spending on food and swag.