Science in Nature: Mushrooms and the Forest Soil Network

August 27, 2022

Walk the U of M Biological Station and Bear Paw Trail to the junction of Lake Itasca’s north and east arms. Dr. Jonathan Schilling from the University of Minnesota will share history of the Itasca Station and then lead a walk to Bear Paw Point to find and identify mushrooms in this program from 1:30 to 3 p.m. Saturday, August 27. He will discuss how networks of fungal mycelium mean life, death and “conversation” under your feet and in the trees. His science spans large networks and communities all the way down to the microscopic tips of fungal ‘hyphae,’ with the goal to uncover their secrets and share how they sustain themselves for centuries in forests. Meet at the Biome Center, University of Minnesota Itasca Biological Station (along Main Park Drive, watch for signs). Notes: Long pants and long socks are recommended.